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Work Experience

VR Technical Director, Blue Sky Studios 2016 - Present

Blue Sky Studios is a major animation studio known for the Ice Age movies.

  • Stereoscopic camera / staging / compositing
  • Work with all departments to integrate real-time methodologies into a film pipeline
  • Prototype and develop tools using Unreal 4, Unity 5 and Stringray
  • Design pipeline workflows using VR

Lead Unreal Developer, Havas Health ~ 2015 - 2016

  • Develop interactive VR projects in Unreal 4 using Oculus Rift
  • Design user experience and overall game design
  • Consult with clients and management on scope and production
  • Self manage all aspects of production

Adjunct Professor of Game Design, City Tech CUNY ~ 2014 - 2016

City Tech is a technical college found throughout New York City.  

  • Teach students in the Communication Design program the basics of game design and development.
  • Use of Unreal 4 for engine experience and to demonstrate the art pipeline process.
  • Students create a variety of projects with a focus on 2d and animation

Owner, Brain Bone ~2012 to Present

Brain Bone is an independent game developer and graphic designer created by my self for the purpose of personal projects and freelance work.

Game / Level Designer, Virtual Heroes ~2007 to 2011

Virtual Heroes designs and develops Serious games, STEM games and Simulations for PC.

Complete ownership over the levels created for assigned projects. I was ultimately responsible for complete integration of art assets and code updates. This included bug tracking, troubleshooting, coordinating with team members for assets and code implementation.

  • Prototype level flow and gameplay mechanics
  • Script interactions and events
  • Manage asset database integrity and adherence to internal standards
  • Contribute to game design and primary owner of quality within the level design department
  • Team process development for internal production
  • Goals assessment and planning for projects
  • Evaluation of production risks and anticipation of potential problems
  • Created and edited promotional materials for print, video and standing displays
  • Responsible for personal appraisals, interviews and other management tasks within the department

Level Designer, Artificial Studios ~2006 to 2007

Artificial Studios designed and developed 1st person and 3rd person action/adventure games for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. After completion of the company’s flagship project the company was dissolved..

  • Independently designed, created and maintained a number of popular levels in both single player and multiplayer
  • Designed, built and maintained missions and collaborated with other designers on improvements to them
  • Organized internal and external play-testing of the multiplayer
  • Participated in online testing and feedback for missions
  • Responsible for all art, design, balance and sound element implementation of levels
Unreal Engine
Virtual Reality ~ Oculus
Unity 4
Adobe Premiere
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